Tuesday, February 24, 2015

setting up wifi on raspberry pi

Its fun to work on Linux but it would also be a frustrating experience if you make some wrong choices. Last time when am on Linux mint, I wanted to set-up wifi on my desktop. So, blindly went to a local store and got  netgear wna 2100 with out doing much research on the net about the driver compatibility and I paid the price. I had literally spent a week trying out different approaches to get it recognized, but in vain. I tried the last option of using the windows drivers for linux using ndiswrapper but couldn't.

So, this time I did a lot of search on the forums and found that  edimax EW-7811Un wifi dongle has the maximum support for rpi and Linux in general. The setup is straight forward... if you have updated your Linux recently you don't need to download or compile anything. Check this page for quick setup guide.

Here is the pi with WiFi dongle on my desk... :)

Ok, once you have configured wifi you need to know the ip to ssh into it.
On centos you can install a small nifty tool called nmap.

$  sudo yum install nmap.

then run

$  npm -sP

This will return a list of all the devices on the network.
Now you can test out a few of the ips by trying to ssh pi@ipaddress and find out the ip of pi. 

If you don't want to do the witch hunt every time you connect pi to the network you can setup a static ip and use that every time. Check this tutorial on how to set it up. Its pretty simple and straight forward.

Using the same process I have set up multiple networks for both the ones at office and home and just plug it into the power source and ssh from my pc.

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