Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mari Tools: send to mari

This is a small tool which will help you to send the selected images in you file explorer to the current opened projects in mari. Its the right click > "open with" tool which all the softwares have and is missing for mari.

Download the zip file and follow the steps for installing.

1. Install the
Place the script in your Scripts directory, which will be in the same path as your mari logs directory. Make sure the file is executable.

1. Install

Copy the file to the Same Scripts director mentioned above. Restart mari. You can toggle command port through "Python > Toggle command port".
If the command port is enabled you will see a plug icon in the bottom left area.

3. Modify Right click menu:
Finally we are going to modifying the right click menu of the file explorer.

In Linux the file manager of choice is Konqueror. You can use the similar approach in other browser like dolphin. In kde you have to create a .desktop file. I won't go into explaining the whole procedure. You can refer the tutorial here...

In the .desktop file modify the last line Exec= with the path to the file and copy the .desktop file to '/usr/share/services/ServiceMenus/'. The path might not be exactly the same as it depends up on your Linux distribution.  

Now.... reopen konqueror.
Select a bunch of images and right click and choose Send to Mari. The selected images will be added to the image manager in current mari session.

Gotchas... make sure you have a project open before sending the image and command port is enabled in mari.

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