Friday, February 13, 2015

Mari Sublime

Sublime is my choice of IDE. Its a breeze to work with sublime. I have written a sublime plugin to easy out code execution for mari.

Get Sublime:

Though sublime is commercial you can grab an unlimited trial version from here.
It just requests you to buy license one in a while but not at the level to irritate you. The installation is straight forward.

Download Mari - Sublime:

You can download mari Sublime over here... mari-sublime

Install Mari-Sublime:

Extract the archive.
In sublime go to preferences > Browse packages.
Place the extracted folder in the sublime packages folder.

Enable command port in Mari:

To execute the scripts inside mari you need to enable the command port.
You can use this script to toggle command port. not ( )

If you enable command port you will see a plug icon in the bottom right corner.


Select a code snippet and press ctrl + m. Only the selected code will be executed in mari. To execute the whole file deselect everything and simply press ctrl + m.

Happy coding !

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