Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hyderabad Blender User Group Meetup

I recently conducted the blender user group meet up in Hyderabad. This is the first of the sessions to happen in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has a good blender user strength. I have lot of friends who are dedicated blender users and there are couple of friends who went ahead and made blender the main tool for their studio.

It's always difficult to conduct the first session. You don't know the kind of people who comes and their level of expertise. Roughly 25 people turned up out of the 60 registered. Most of them are new to blender and cg as well. l took this session as a chance to explain people what blender is and what kind of stuff it can do, its strengths and the feature set it got.

Sravan nunna explained how he made the intro video for the meetup.

I started teaching blender at our studio and he picked it up pretty quickly, in a matter of few days not only he did the complete animation in blender but also modeling, shading, lighting and layout. I helped him a bit with the modeling and shading bit i was truly amazed at the pace he picked up blender for a guy who is doing just animation that too in proprietary software like Maya and voodoo.

He really liked blender and was really impressed by the animation toolset it has got. I would say, its a huge thing to come from an animator who is used to voodoo which is said to be an animation production beast.

And he did an amazing logo for the group.

From the people I met over there I see most of them are interested in gaming and want to have a hands on experience of doing things instead of lectures.

Yeah, why would any one wants to go to a lecture session when they can log into YouTube and watch hours of video tutorials. So for the next meet up we are planning for a practical session on modeling a game character in blender.

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