Saturday, February 7, 2015

And the hardware hacking begins...

Well its been a month I got my hands on raspberry pi b+ model. I got it odered from amazon and along with it got a clearcase

I didn't got the time to do anything with it as I was crazy busy with production work at office. Finally managed to pull out some time this weekend to actually install raspbian and try out some stuff. The documentation on the site is good enough to start out with, I skipped "noobs" and directly went with "Raspbian".

Here is my pi sitting on top of the network switch at office powered by my 2amps one plus one mobile charger. I connected it to the network using the ethernet cable and sshed into it and accessed it from my workstation. I have to get a wifi dongle and set it up so that i can keep it at my desk instead of leaving it alone next to the server :P.

Here is a list of projects I want to do with it...

Study Linux:
I want to explore Linux more. Been using Linux for some time but haven't got the chance to do crazy experimentations with it. At office you wont' have accesses to lot of things and with my personal computer lts pain to mess with it as it will effect the regular work and am afraid to loose data. So, pi will be the best do some experimentations.

Retro Pi:
Wanna building a retro gaming console. I used to play ton of games in my childhood. My father had a gaming arcade, where you get 3 lives for one rupee coin. so you can imagine, unlimited Lives :D. Want to use pi to setup a retro gaming console.

Web Hosting:
Here is the plan: set up a static local ip for the pi. Setup dynamic dns and access it from outside the network. Later setup a node.js server and host my personal website on it.

Face Recognition:
A face recognition system for office attendance. This is a serious project am looking into as an alternative solution for the biometric swipe.

So, on to messing with Linux....

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